Onboarding Information

This article contains all the information you'll need to know to get started with our JobFile API. The process of getting access to our API is outlined in the steps below and if you have any additional questions or queries our team would be happy to assist you.

Step One: Accessing our Documentation

The first step is to ensure that our API will provide the functionality you need to implement your desired solution.


SwaggerHub contains our technical documentation for how to use our API. It is technical documentation and describes the various functions of our API and how to use them.

Link to JobFile API SwaggerHub Documentation: https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/Imagemation/JobFile/1.0

Step Two: Sample API and Testing Environment Access

Once you are satisfied that our API will provide the desired functionality, we can provide you with a mock version of the API to be used for initial testing.

Once you've develop your solution using our mock API we can provide you with access to our online UAT environment which can be configured with relevant testing data suitable for your needs. If there are builders that you'd like testing data from we can provide customised testing data inside of a production replica to facilitate accurate testing. Access to the environment will be provided for an initial two week period before the system is taken offline. If extensions are required or a larger window is necessary, please let our team know.

Once you are satisfied with your solution, please let us know so we can run internal tests to verify that your proposed design is working correctly and is viable for use in our production environment.

Step Three: Access to the Production Environment

Once we are satisfied with the results or our internal tests, we can then provide you with access to the production environment API. Once this access is provided any changes to the way the API is being used will need to be communicated to our team before they are deployed so we can approve the changes or provide access to the testing environment for further testing if deemed necessary.