When you have a new job that needs to be set up in order for tasks to be assigned.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click on Jobs in the navigation menu
  2. Select 'New'
  3. Click on 'New' in the Job List
  4. The Job Owner will be automatically populated
  5. Enter a Job Number
  6. Enter a client if required
  7. Select a Job Status
  8. Select a Job Supervisor
  9. Set the job priority if required
  10. Enter the address details on the right hand side
  11. Enter any other details such as general job notes or instructions
  12. If required enter the latitude and longitude of the job as well as any directions
  13. Enter the estimated dates and days
  14. Click 'Save'

    The greyed out fields will not be enabled until you have entered a Job Number

    The status will default to 'active'