Yes most certainly.


The way ClickHome and JobFile work together means that ClickHome's settings tell it what information to send or not send through to JobFile.

It has the potential to send through the following information to JobFile for trades & suppliers to access:

  • unplanned tasks (provided that a supplier is assigned)
  • job documents
  • task documents
  • Purchase Orders (POs)
  • PO attachments
  • notes
  • general information & instructions about a task and job
  • planned/scheduled tasks, cancellations, reschedules, etc.


JobFile is designed as a system for the trades/suppliers to:

- access via a link in the callup (with no login required)

- login as a free account using it as their own portal to tasks from builders

- login as a paid account using it as their own portal to tasks from builders with added benefits and functionality


The trade/supplier will then only have access to the tasks that are assigned to them and the information that's associated with that task/job.

e.g. a plan uploaded to a job will be able to be accessed by every trade or supplier that is assigned to a task on that job however a PO for a task will only be accessible by that particular trade assigned to that task. 

Any job or task related information that you have chosen not to send to JobFile will be retained in ClickHome and never sent to JobFile.

ClickHome remains as the large Builders tool and JobFile is for the Trades/Suppliers and small builders!

This is the support page which explains how to setup ClickHome so that documents come through to JobFile as required: