If you have pre-existing anti-spam and/or anti-virus software that reads your emails you may experience an issue with the links to JobFile not working when you click on them in an email.

If you receive an error like the below after clicking on a link, there is a good chance that your anti-spam or anti-virus software has modified this link for you.

To stop it from doing this you will need to change your anti-spam and/or anti-virus software settings to allow any links from www.jobfile.com.au to be accepted.

A known anti-spam software program with this issue is Websense.

Steps to add JobFile to Websense as an allowed site:

  1. Setup the custom category (accepted sites will be added to this category)
    e.g 'Exceptions'
  2. Open the ‘Policy’ and define the custom category to “allow access”
  3. Finally, add JobFile to the custom category to 'unblock' it.