We want to make using JobFile as seamless as possible, so we created this guide to help you with

some of the main issues you may encounter.

Google Chrome is the only internet browser we support for using JobFile. If you’re using Internet

Explorer, Firefox, Safari or another browser you could experience issues with JobFile and

unfortunately, we cannot assist you with these. So, please switch to using Google Chrome.

Q: Which email do I sign up with?

A: The email the builder sends the callup to!

A generic company email address is highly recommended for all JobFile accounts so you don’t

have to change your details if the person who owns the email changes. Individual people’s email

addresses are generally NOT suitable for JobFile accounts.

If you are using an individual email address for your callups please obtain a generic one and request

your builder to change it in their system. If you are able to provide the same email address to all

your builders, then it will make it easier for you to see all of your tasks in the one JobFile account.

If you already have a JobFile account with an individual email address don’t worry, just create a

new JobFile account with the new generic email address.

Paid accounts can merge several email addresses to their account and manage this themselves,

however, if you would like to move your tasks over from one account to another as a once off

action please contact us and for a small fee we can assist you with this.

Why should you create a JobFile account today?

• It’s completely free to register an account.

• See all of your tasks in the one place so you won’t have to manage them separately in your


• Create notes and ‘job not ready’ alerts for supervisors.

• Record your start & finish dates and see your complete work history.

We’ve even made a free JobFile mobile app for Apple and Android devices so you can book in

jobs anywhere, anytime.