1. Select a specific Job Owner or 'All' Job Owners
  2. Click 'OK'

  • NOTE: if the Job Owner you are after is NOT on the list there are a few ways to sort this out
  1. Find out what email address they are using for you, if it's not the same address as the account you are logging in with then ask them to change it
  2. If you do not want them to change it and you need them to send the emails to a different address then you will need to register another account with the new email address and you'll have to log in to 2 separate accounts to see your tasks for the different Job Owners. 
  3. The other option is to merge the new email address into your account so that the Job Owners send their tasks to different email addresses however all of your tasks can be accessed in the one account, this requires a paid account, here is the support documents you if decide you want to configure it this way.
  4. Lastly, the Job Owner might not have JobFile connected yet, to view our list of Builders connected to JobFile click here or contact us to find out.

*If you are using a free account you will not have access to login and see all Job Owners at once.

If you would like to upgrade your account to view all Job Owners at once please click on the upgrade link on any page when you are logged in to upgrade.