Ability to assign permission to users that only allows them to view certain tasks / jobs that don't appear in their task list as they are not assigned to them however they need to get information from them to do their work.

i.e. tasks assigned to someone else within your company, be able to search on these tasks & then view them (not edit)



It seems that if a user does not have access to ‘all tasks’

i.e. is restricted to their own tasks, they cannot search jobs.

We think it would be beneficial to allow staff to search for and locate a job.

Through the job info a staff member should be able to see the tasks, and even see who the tasks are assigned to, as well as to be able to access job level documents.

This could be implemented as an additional permission, maybe called ‘Can search tasks and jobs’.

We still want to be able to drive the users tasks lists effectively with access restrictions