JobFile provides a way for suppliers & contractors to update their status of a task (accept, reject, started, completed etc.).

ClickHome merely links to JobFile in order to push the information through and receive it back.

For the purpose of this document a supplier/contractor will be referred to as a ‘resource’.


  • On scheduling a task from ClickHome (if JobFile is chosen as a way for the assigned resource to confirm the task) an email is created which includes a URL link to JobFile. The resource can click on this link and accept, reject or propose an alternate date for the task.

  • Replies from the resources are then automatically downloaded from JobFile (standard is every 30 minutes) when it runs and sent back to ClickHome.


    1. Create a JobFile account 

    These account details will be used to setup the link between ClickHome and JobFile, JobFile is not the system for builders to use, ClickHome is.

    1. Go to: http://jobfilepublictestap-env.elasticbeanstalk.com/Registration;

    2. Enter the following;

      1. Company Name;

      2. Company Type (Builder);
      3. Contact Name;

      4. Email Address;

      5. Password

      6. Confirm Password (the password cannot be ‘password’ and must be at least 6 characters);

    3. Click next

    4. Accept the terms in the license agreement, then click confirm;

    5. An email will be sent to the registered email address, you will need to verify the email address using the link in the email
      NOTE: No email will be sent to you in the test environment as emails are setup to go to JobFile Support. Please wait for a JobFile Team member to forward you the email.

    6. Once you have verified the email address contact JobFile support and request them to manually upgrade your builders account to a paid account. Then you can apply the correct settings in ClickHome as per the next step.      

      2. Configure Settings in ClickHome;

      1. Enter the below information via the backend in tblValidationEntries > sgText1:

        1. ClickHome.ClickHomeLive.ServerUserName: email address used to set up JobFile account

        2. ClickHome.ClickHomeLive.ServerPassword: password used to set up JobFile account

        3. JobFile.ExportQueue.Marker see below for how to obtain these 

          1. Query: select * from tblExportQueue order by idExportQueue desc

          2. Grab the number in the idExportQueue of the first row. Now enter this number as the marker into tblValidationEntries by running the script below inserting the number in *Insert Export Marker*.


            insert into tblValidationEntries (cdValidCode,sgDisplay,sgvalue,inOrder,fkidOther,bStdActive,inStdCustomOrder)
            values ('SETTINGS','JobFile.ExportQueue.Marker','AUTO',100,/*Insert Export Marker*/,1,100)

          3. If prcGetExportQueueByMarker procedure does not exist use the following script to add this to your database.


            CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[prcGetExportQueueByMarker] (@idExportQueueMarker INT)         


              /* SET NOCOUNT ON */         

              SELECT *         

              FROM dbo.tblExportQueue         

              WHERE idExportQueue > @idExportQueueMarker         

              ORDER  BY idExportQueue ASC               



            GRANT EXECUTE ON [dbo].[prcGetExportQueueByMarker] TO [SiteManager]



          4. The next step is to download and install the JobFile Connector via: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzFoAfjAJGPObHNsZ2E3TkJIWUU/view?usp=sharing

            Using the windows service create command (SCCreate) create the JobFile Connector Service. 

    7.                              Copy your ClickHome.lic file from your ClickHome win service into the JobFile connector Service.

                                    Modify the connection strings config file and ensure it points to your ClickHome SQL Server Instance.

                                    Modify the JobfileCH2Connector.exe.config file to ensure all settings point to your ClickHome SQL Server Instance where required. If you're not sure then look at your ClickHome win service config file for these settings.

                                   Modify the app settings keys in the file to suit your requirements but you must change the <add key="url" value to: http://jobfilepublictstapi-env.elasticbeanstalk.com/V0

                                  Depending upon your site consider any proxy or firewall settings that need to be altered to allow the url to be accessed.

                                  Once this has been completed you can start the service. Then check the Event Viewer under application to see if there are any error logs.


      1. Configure Suppliers
        1. Login to your instance of ClickHome
        2. Go to Admin > Setup > JobFile Admin
        3. Click the 'Add' button in the far right hand column for each supplier that you would like to add to JobFile.
        4. Once a supplier is added to JobFile a JobFile id will be returned and from that point forward all tasks that are assigned to them and not completed will be sent to JobFile.
          Note: if you would like to add all suppliers write a script to update the JobFile id field with 'JobFile'. (This is the same as clicking the add button for each individual supplier.)