If you are already using your own software to generate your invoices you can still upload and issue them via JobFile to the Builder.

This will allow you to filter and search for work that has/hasn't been invoiced, track your payments and generate reports so it's definately worthwhile looking into.

  1. Chose a method to create an invoice
    1. When you are in a task
      The invoice will be linked to that task and job
    2. When you are in a job
      The invoice will be linked to that job automatically, you can then link it to task/s
    3. From the Navigation menu, go to Invoices > Create New
      There will be no jobs or tasks linked to the invoice, you will have to link the invoice to a Job at a minimum
  2. Add at least 1 line to the invoice - only a description is required
  3. In the section 'Invoice attachment', in the centre of the invoice page, upload your own invoice
  4. Click Save
  5. After saving the invoice if you are finished you can then issue it by clicking Send