Create a user will create a new login and password for a member of your team. It is a paid feature.

Step-by-step guide

In JobFile;

  1. Go to Admin > Account > Users
  2. Click on the 'Add New User' button on the far right hand side
  3. In the create user page select a user type
  4. Enter the user's full name: Title, First name, Last name
  5. Enter their email address (if they will be assigned to tasks and have more than one email address this can be added to their organisation after creation of their user login)
  6. Enter & Confirm the password
  7. Enter mobile & work phone numbers as well as a fax number if relevant
  8. Enter a position title
  9. Check the tick box 'This user can be assigned jobs and tasks' otherwise their name will not appear in the Job or Task Supervisor lists
  10. Click Save
    A confirmation email will be sent to the user in order to confirm their email address.